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1) Internet Filtering
Block websites like Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Linkedin with URL filter In-Built database with over 1.7 Million websites in 74 categories like social networks, movies, games. Block web-pages that have specific keywords in them with Content filter – For example, block websites containing the keyword “Games”, “Torrents” or “Movies” Define download restrictions and speed limits

2) Network Security
Protect your computer network from hackers and cyber criminals through in-built firewall Protect your Business and Financial information, prevent financial losses due to cybercrime – This may include your corporate financial data, employee records, credit card and banking information, username and passwords and other high value private or sensitive data Detect active hacking attempts on your network and prevent intrusion with IDS (intrusion detection system)

3) Monitoring and Reporting

Get real-time information about browsing – Know which user/computer is visiting what website at any moment Generate reports that have detailed log of browsing activity as per users/computers – Reports can be generated per day/week/year. It also shows the websites visited, internet usage per user/computer (in MB, GB) etc. It is important to have a record of browsing activity to trace violations of internet policies, maintaining legal compliances and to detect illegal browsing activities on the network. Reporting also has statistics like internet usage (upload/download), network activity, network load, internet connection quality, internet status (up/down), real-time traffic graphs.

4) VPN(Virtual Private Network)
– Link multiple offices free of cost with financial grade security

5) Load balancing / WAN failover
– You can use multiple internet connections at the same time to provide 100% internet connectivity for your organization.

6) Proxy Server
– Reduce your internet usage upto 70% through our built-in proxy server module. As internet service providers impose a monthly download limit, it is essential to reduce internet usage – save money by optimizing internet usage.

7) Setup and Manage secure Wi-Fi networks
Through this module, you can setup and manage wireless networks for your organization. Issue vouchers to guests, set download/upload limits. You can also charge users through net banking, debit/credit cards for using your internet connection.

With UTM, you can:
Protect your organization from hackers Prevent huge personal and financial losses Block websites, define internet policies Monitor all browsing activity on your network Link multiple offices from anywhere in the world free of cost. Reduce internet usage Easily setup and manage enterprise class commercial and non-commercial wireless networks. Namek-UTM can be used by all types of organizations and businesses– offices, hotels, hospitals, schools and colleges etc. Namek Technologies also offers a variety of IT consulting services to businesses all over the world. For more information on Namek-UTM and how it can benefit your organization, contact your sales representative.