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NEXUS Softsys can procure all elements of your business needs. From the simplest requirements for cables or toners to the most complex storage attached networks, our knowledge of both IT and what business demands from IT is unrivalled. We take the time to understand your business requirements and help you choose the right solution. Our relationships with our suppliers span 12 years and you can be confident that you will always receive the best pricing and delivery times. Having sourced the most suitable hardware and software, our expert IT staff will manage and execute the project to a pre-agreed plan complete with client approved milestones and performance targets. Customized Camera, DVR Security Solutions: We have the professional team with vast experience in the surveillance domain. They will visit your site and suggest the best suitable and at the same time economical solution to complete your surveillance needs. We practically can provide hundreds of camera variations to suite your needs. Best suited DVR among Hundreds of DVR configurations available in the market. And at the same time we will educate you on this surveillance area so you will become the expert auditor of your own system to fetch the maximum output from this system. We also provide following solutions: Branch Security Systems (PC Based and Standalone DVR’s) Dealing in Branded Computers (Servers, Laptops and Desktops) Audio & Video Conferencing Solutions Dealing in Assembled computers and Peripherals (Printers, Scanners, and other accessories.) Data Recovery, Data Security and Data Insurance Total Storage solution (Hardware & Software) Networking Solutions (LAN, MAN & WAN) Networking Peripherals (Routers, Switches, Hubs etc.) Dealing in Stabilizers & UPS (RENUTRON, SERVOTECH) Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs). License copy of Softwares (Microsoft, Oracle, Norton etc.) Mailing Solutions

Third Party Maintenance
New computer equipment is usually sold with a warranty. The warranty typically lasts one year, but some vendors offer multiyear warranties. If the computer fails while it is under warranty, the vendor should resolve the hardware problems at no additional cost.

Test & Repair Services
Many people have similar computer troubles.....

  • Computer has slow boot or won't boot?
  • It runs too slowly?
  • Can't get online?
  • Ran out of hard drive space?
  • Want a DVD drive or CD burner?
  • Need a faster processor, more memory?
  • We can do hardware upgrades, or software upgrades.

  • Well, there's no need to fret NEXUS SoftSys Pvt. Ltd. can take care of all your needs! We also custom build computers to your specifications, or tell us what tasks you want to perform and we will build a system to do the job!