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Third Party Maintenance

New computer equipment is usually sold with a warranty. The warranty typically lasts one year, but some vendors offer multiyear warranties. If the computer fails while it is under warranty, the vendor should resolve the hardware problems at no additional cost.

Test & Repair Services

Many people have similar computer troubles.....
  • Computer has slow boot or won't boot?

  • It runs too slowly?

  • Can't get online?

  • Ran out of hard drive space?

  • Want a DVD drive or CD burner?

  • Need a faster processor, more memory?

  • We can do hardware upgrades, or software upgrades.

  • Well, there's no need to fret NEXUS SoftSys Pvt. Ltd. can take care of all your needs! We also custom build computers to your specifications, or tell us what tasks you want to perform and we will build a system to do the job!