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Networking is not a fancy requirement today. In the today’s age of internet, every IT hardware has more or less requirement of connectivity. The connectivity can be in terms of various types. It may be ranging from simple LAN or WAN to more complex WiFi and VPN. These technologies are not only required to big corporate but Small or Medium Business are also required and benefited from this

  • Wireless Technology
    NEXUS SoftSys Pvt. Ltd. a wireless solutions provider offers complete wireless technology with installation and maintenance. We have expertise in implementing big project with 60 Network Engineer. NEXUS SoftSys Pvt. Ltd. has trained and certified d-link and Cisco installers for Structured Cabling Systems. NEXUS SoftSys Pvt. Ltd.installs, terminates, tests, and/or maintains Fiber Optic Cabling, Backbone Cabling, Cat 5 & Cat 6 Cabling, Riser Cabling, Horizontal Cabling for Voice and Data Systems. We provide site survey that includes evaluation of new or existing facilities, identification, testing and documentation of existing cable runs. We provide integrated Data, Voice and Video System Design. Be it a CAT 5 or a CAT 6 or a state-of-the-art optical fiber installation, we know the standard and we deliver quality installation. From initial planning to final commissioning, our experienced Project Managers will be with you every step of the way. We will provide detailed project planning of the installation.
  • VPN Solutions
    Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a Closed User Group created for providing backbone connectivity between locations over a Wide Area Network (WAN). VPN replaces the PtP intercity links running between customer locations with a last mile connection (wired/wireless) to the nearest Service Provider's Point of Presence. The backbone between POPs provides a highly redundant, reliable, commercially attractive solution. VPN allows a private intranet configuration to be securely extended across the Internet or other network service, facilitating secure e-commerce and extranet connections with business partners, suppliers and customers. Cost Benefit VPNs offer network managers several ways to reduce the overall operational cost of wide area networking as compared to the conventional Point-to-Point links. Reduced Bandwidth Cost
    • Pay for Use: Companies can control their networking spend by using VPN instead of Point to Point Leased Line Links. The overall distance is reduced from an inter city leased line (PtP link) to a local last mile on Leased line or wireless which extends to the service provider's backbone operating on technologies like MPLS, IP or Frame Relay. If a company implements a private WAN using many long distance T1/E1 leased lines though the requirement is a fraction of the high-speed link. Companies can utilize VPNs by paying only for the bandwidth that they use thus unlocking a lot of value. Studies by Enterasys have found that an intranet VPN can reduce the cost of leased line connections considerably.
    • Typically, VPN carriers provide a leased-line feed by contracting with a traditional carrier company. Since leased lines often have a distance-related cost structure, connecting to a local POP will provide savings compared to a direct long-distance link. more...