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For over 15 years our team has developed the expertise and strategic approach necessary to deliver exceptional IT solutions for our clients.

What makes our team different from other companies is our ability to offer versatile, scalable and dependable solutions that drive results at affordable prices.

While other companies focus on fulfilling contracts, we are committed to fulfill the needs of your business now and in the future. In the evolving world of digitization, we can help your company stay ahead of your competition with our team of experienced, reliable IT consultants and developers.

Consultancy services
As the leader of a dynamic mid-market business, you’ll know that the agility of your business depends increasingly on the technology that supports it in times of growth or change. The most innovative businesses in the market are realising the value of IT as a transformational business tool and building its potential into their core business strategy. NEXUS SoftSys provides two ways of tackling this issue

Outsourced IT strategist for CEOs
If you want to fully embrace the benefits of strategic IT thinking but you lack the personal experience, in-house expertise or resource to tackle it yourself, NEXUS SoftSys can provide an affordable strategic partnership that arms you with the insight you need to really embrace IT thinking and your true business potential. Our strategic experts work with you on an executive level to shape your vision with the possibilities offered by the most progressive – yet entirely suitable – technology in the marketplace. We bring the objective insight, business experience and technical expertise required for crucial strategic planning. Together, we can realise your business’s potential with technologies that mean maximum efficiency, productivity, and scalability; drastically reduced risk; deep-level agility in an uncertain marketplace and all the benefits of an innovative, collaborative working culture.

Leadership support for CIOs
If your business already has a CIO or high level IT manager, but the pressure to deliver in the boardroom is compromising the value they create for the business, we can provide a solution. The CIO role is uniquely hybrid, rapidly evolving and ever-more central to the strategic vision and competitive advantage of your business. You will be looking to your CIO for change leadership, not just knowledge. Communication and strategic thinking are core skills but rarely naturally acquired, and without them your CIO will be severely limited in their role. Your CIO must be able to sell their vision to the board; overcome scepticism and inertia and lead the business to develop a progressive, receptive and innovative culture. Our services can leverage these skills with focussed training. These sessions are designed to target individual needs and create awareness of the core economic issues shaping the actions of CEOs today, helping to realise the essential value of the CIO role and leverage its competitive advantage sooner rather than later.